Night Owls or Morning Birds

Beep.. Beep… Beep

‘Stop, or I will kill you and throw your body in the blood river’ I was shouting while was flying behind a thief on my dog to catch him alive to win the diamonds from the kind of the dark realm. He was on his scooter by the way!

‘Stop you .. Beep.. Beep… Beep…..’

It’s 4 am. I woke up with my half closed eyes, feeling the breeze of my own dark world, tolerating commands for my inner demon, cursing the last night movie/s and after pressing snooze button 5th time.

Yes!, Finally I am out of my bad(Bed).

Some wise old man once said (why wise man is old everytime, anyway), early risers are ahead of everyone. People who are waking up early could use more hours in a day. But our own wise man forgot that these risers are also in the great loss of late night Netflix shows, movies, late parties and having pizzas at 1 in the night. SAD. Isn’t it?

Anyway, here are some boring and already said pros & cons of both early bird and night owls. BOTH ARE BIRDS ONLY; I HAVE JUST MARKED. But who cares!

NIGHT OWLS (the early ME)

Image from Treehugger

Likewise, owls, these category of sleeper got similar quality of Owl. Both have big eyes (ofcourse one has to try to save him/herself to fall from the desk). Both can rotate their head (Even night shifting has its own quality to drop the focus on something after 1 am.) Owls are farsighted, meaning they can’t see things close to their eyes, same goes with human after 2am.


  1. They are more intelligent (based on some research done at midnight over pizza and beer)
  2. They have more stamina (It’s not about sex though. Don’t try at home tonight!)
  3. They are more productive (No, no, not for producing more kids by using ‘shifts’)

Looks almost perfect! But there are some degrees ( Owl can turn its face for 270* — I am talking about the unused one) we should look in details.


  1. They are more depressed (They only got support from bad tea, building security and mosquitos, sometime newly married couple far from window and their reach)
  2. The nonsocial dilemma (Their relatives don’t know their presence on the earth)
  3. They usually miss the romance (Sunrise, collage going one on bus station, the same newly married woman from the next building terrace)

Alright, let’s fly some birds.

EARLY BIRDS(the today’s ME)

Birds, a gift from other birds (Sorry GOD). Our early risers are also gifted. Their biggest strength is, they can listen the sound of alarm, hidden behind books or under the pile of cloths. I mean, some people can’t even listen if their mom covered with anger and just 2 feet away (don’t take personal!). So, like any bird, our risers can start their day with welcoming sun and son both from bed, plan for their next trip (based on their personal GDP) etc etc etc.


  1. They are getting more hours to work and develop (and pay Taxes, TDS and study)
  2. They are more productive (Wake up, breakfast, travel to office/school, reading in between traffic hours, work, lunch, nap, work, travel, dinner, fights, breakup)
  3. They are earning respects (From Milkman for opening door in single bell, their better half for tea, kids for school drops, boss for speedy work, co-worker from washroom queue)


  1. Where the hell is my energy (Their energy level starts dropping in every hours)
  2. They have to sleep early (It’s a real struggle to open eyes widely after 7pm and chance to miss late night shows)

So, who won? The milkman after one bell or the better half with tea? Who is the loser? The late night show producer or the newly married honeymooners? Who, who, who….

It’s 5.15am, I am still in my bed, struggling to thrown out both night owl and early bird.

My dark load, here I come. Where is my dog with wings…

Beep… Beep… Beep….



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